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  The Best Golf GPS Device? Our Top 10 Picks

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS
Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS
Bushnell has done it again. The Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS device is useful for any golfer, no matter how skilled they are at the sport. This is a hand held unit that combines the accuracy of a laser with the convenience of having a GPS.
Garmin Approach S1
Garmin Approach S1
The Garmin Approach S1 has a very solid design that resembles a sports watch. It is completely digital and its rugged exterior makes it waterproof.
SkyCaddie SGX
SkyCaddie SGX
The SkyCaddie SGX device has a lot to prove for its high price which leads us to the review of this unit. In terms of looks, the SkyCaddie SGX does not really look like a $400 GPS device but it doesn't really have to.
garmin golflogix gps-8
Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8
Usually, these gizmos are so complex that it is less time consuming to simply do it the old-fashioned way instead of learning some new trick.  The Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 is designed with normal people, not computer whizzes, in mind. 
callaway upro
 Callaway uPro
The Callaway uPro Golf GPS, the first produced by the well-known Callaway company, is one of the best reviewed golf GPS devices available.  The device does all the things that customers expect from GPS systems, such as automatically giving the distance to the green and to hazards. 
skycaddie sg5
 SkyCaddie SG5 Rangefinder
There is nothing to say about the SkyCaddie SG5 Rangefinder except that it is arguably one of the best rangefinders on the market today.  The SG5 is an updated version of the SG2.5 and, as such, comes with all of the features that most avid golfers have come to expect, like distance recording and a durable design.
garmin approach g5
 Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS
One of the problems that many avid golfers face is the issue of finding where they are on the course.  Is that 400 yards to the green or 500?  To the professional golfer, that number makes all the difference.  With this in mind, the Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS can be considered the navigator of the golfing world. 
golf buddy tour
 Golf Buddy Tour GPS
The Golf Buddy Tour GPS is just that, a handheld buddy that is as enthusiastic about improving your golf game as you are.  The Golf Buddy automatically shows you the distance to the green as well as the distance between you and any hazards that are in your way. 
onpar golf touchscreen gps
 OnPar Golf GPS
The OnPar Golf GPS claims to be the best GPS unit available today.  With this device, that may be pretty close to the truth.  The OnPar unit uses a touch screen that allows users to instantly view the distance between themselves and the green. 
 sonocaddie v300
 Sonocaddie v300 Color GPS
Sometimes, even the best golfer needs a little boost to their game.  The Sonocaddie v300 Color GPS Unit is such a boost.  Like many rangefinders, the Sonocaddie allows you to see your position in relation to the green and record your scores in an instant.
igolf neo
 iGolf Neo GPS Unit
In a world where rangefinders can cost an arm and a leg, the iGolf Neo GPS Unit is a refreshing break from the norm.  While not full color, the Neo GPS has an adjustable backlight, so it can be used in virtually every light.