Golf GPS Unit or Laser Device?

Laser Devices and a Golf GPS Units are devices that are used to calculate the distance from where your ball is sitting to the flag. These have been around for a couple of years now but only recently have they been allowed by the USGA. This guide will show you the differences between a Golf Laser Range Finder and a Golf GPS Range Finder, and will help you make a more informed decision and hopefully will help you decide which one suits your golf game best.
With the USGA’s ruling we now can have the benefit of distance information. Manufacturers of these distance measuring devices have been praising their use for many years and these devices have been used by caddies on the PGA Tour to help them in measuring courses and gather accurate information for tournament play.
Instead of having to pace off yardages from a sprinkler head or reference a yardage book you can now use one of these mesauring devices.  It provides greater certainty in a fraction of the time, so these devices can help speed up the pace of play.  Because of the USGA ruling we can all now legally use these distance measuring devices to help improve our game. 
The measuring devices can be broken into two categories: GPS units and Laser Rangefinders.
Laser Devices:
The Golf Laser Range Finder like the Bushnell Laser Range Finder looks similar to binoculars. Looking through the unit measures the distance from where your standing to the flag by use of a laser beam. You do need to have a clear direct line of sight to the flag as well as keeping a steady hand. It can also be used to measure the distance to a hazard or any other object in which you can beam the laser to.
GPS Devices:
Golf GPS Range Finders use a map of the golf course that is loaded onto the device. Your position on the course is determined to the green by the use of a satellite signal. The accuracy of the GPS golf range finder is dependent upon the quality of the map and the strength of the satellite signal. Some GPS device maps may only show the distance to the front, middle and back of the green.  The more expensive GPS units are in color like the SonoCaddie v300 and SkyCaddie SG5 will show more such as bunkers, water hazards, end of fairway, etc.
Those are  pretty much the major differences between the two devices. We hope that this guide has helped you make a more informed decision before you purchase your golf measuring device. Regardless of which range finder you buy, your accuracy at determining distances on the golf course will improve with the use of one of these and hopefully result in a lower golf scores.