Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS

Bushnell has done it again. The Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS device is useful for any golfer, no matter how skilled they are at the sport. This is a hand held unit that combines the accuracy of a laser with the convenience of having a GPS. There are several features that make this one of the best possible devices to have with you on the golf course. The customer reviews have spoken and this model from Bushnell really makes a difference in the success that the users have on the course.

With its laser technology it will zero in on the flag and allow you a much more precise shot. If for some reason you are unable to see the flag due to trees or other obstacles, you'll be able to look at the GPS readings on the device and see the distance to the back, center and front of the green. You will find that your round on the golf course will be more enjoyable and lower scores are within your reach when you use this great laser and GPS hybrid device by Bushnell.

As well as the accuracy tools that are built into this unit, it comes with preloaded courses that can be found in North America. There are over sixteen thousand preloaded courses so you can remove it from the box and realize the benefits almost immediately. There are no monthly membership fees to use this device and you will not even have to pay a one time fee to use it. Once you receive the tool it is yours to keep and use as you wish.

As you complete a hole, you will be automatically advanced to the next hole as well. No need to make manual adjustments because this GPS unit will handle it for you. For the loaded courses you will not have to select the correct course because this system also has an automatic course recognition that will be ready for you on the first tee.

This unit is small enough to rest in the palm of your hand. When you are covering the course, especially on foot, having such a small tool is essential. The ergonomic grips on this Hybrid/GPS unit, makes it easy to grip so that you can get accurate results each and every time with little risk of dropping it. Many golfers appreciate the size and design as opposed to other GPS units.

Overall, the Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS unit is a great purchase for a golf enthusiast. Improving your game using the technology that Bushnell has combined into this unit will be a quickly realized benefit for your purchase. The options that are available on this unit can help any golfer, from novice to expert. Bushnell found an excellent combination of laser and GPS and the results will speak for themselves.

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Untested BUSHNELL 201951 Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder Pinseeker Technology B2
Untested BUSHNELL 201951 Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder Pinseeker Technology B2

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