Garmin Approach G3

The Garmin Approach G3 golf GPS is a smaller and more affordable model in the Garmin line-up but this junior sized GPS still shares many of the desirable features found in the Garmin G5. Here is an in-depth review of the Garmin Approach G3 that should help you determine whether it is the right golfing GPS that you need.

Easy is the keyword when it comes to using this handheld device. It only takes a few minutes to master the touchscreen controls. Users are provided with an on-off switch as well as an opening screen intro that allows you to select your choice of golfing tools. You can also choose between actual play or preview the course before teeing off.

It is simple to find the golf course that you want because you can select from the nearest listings or just choose alphabetically according to the name of the golf course and the state in which it is located. Once you key into the Garmin's data bank you will have visual screen access to almost 20,000 courses.

You are presented with a colorized drawing that gives you an overview of every hole on the course that you select. The distance to each of the holes is displayed in the screen's upper right-hand corner. In the upper left corner of the screen you can see the number for the hole. If you touch on the upper left corner it will reveal a tool that you can use to measure shot distance as well as your digital scorecard.

You can preview any of the holes in advance and the GPS will keep track of all current golfing data while you get an introduction to the course at large. This easy touchscreen system allows you to obtain a distance preview from any place on the map, and all of this is done using just the tip of your finger.

Garmin G3 Highlights

* 2.6" diagonal touchscreen design gives you a visual field that is easy to read when you are out on the greens.

* Lightweight convenience makes it easy to carry and easy to use.

* Free access to a database that includes more than 20,000 different golf courses

* Digital scorecard makes tracking the game a fun and easy task.

* Waterproof construction allows you to use this device even when weather conditions are foggy or rainy.

* Built for rugged use and can withstand those unexpected jolts or bumps that sometimes occur while traveling with a golf bag or golf cart

* Instant preview look at any of the golf courses that are stored in the Garmin Approach data bank.


Smaller screen than the one that is available with the higher priced Garmin G5. Some people feel that the 2.6" viewing screen is cramped and difficult to see clearly. Still you should remember that the 3 inch screen is on the Garmin Approach G5 is only slightly larger in size.
No method for keeping up with your golfing statistics is included. For those who want to be able to check their percentage shots this could be a problem. Stats tracking is a common feature on many of the newer golfing GPS models and the lack of ability to track putts and fairway shots can be viewed as a negative for those wanting this option.


Even though you may have to give up a few high tech options when you choose to buy the Garmin Approach G3 there is little doubt that this gps device delivers added value for the money. If you are searching for a powerful and reliable golfing accessory to use then the G3 will provide you with the service and dependability you are looking for.

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Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS
Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS

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Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS

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