Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8


 The Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 is designed with normal people, not computer whizzes, in mind.  This GPS unit was created to be a one-touch companion for golfers of all skill levels.  You don’t have to learn computer code and there are no fancy tricks.  Plug the unit into your computer and browse through over 15,000 golf courses online.  Select up to 20 courses, load them onto your GPS unit and get ready to play.  Once you get to the course, merely turn your companion on and let it improve your game. 

After you power on the Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8, it automatically shows you the distance to the green and up to six hazards or points of interest for each hole, such as bunkers, carries and lay ups.  A highly sensitive GPS receiver guarantees nearly pinpoint accuracy, no matter which course you choose.  The Garmin GPS-8 automatically shows you a multisided view of the course, so that regardless of where you are, you are covered.  Even though the course downloads aren’t free, you receive a free download with your purchase and a one year warranty, and by paying a $29.95 annual fee, you get access to an unlimited database of golf courses. 

The Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 is, relatively speaking, moderately priced, so it won’t fall out of the average golfer’s price range.  At the same time, because it is so user friendly and durable, the buyer won’t have to sacrifice quality just to save money.  The tough and waterproof design allows this unit to be taken anywhere and to endure anything, even things that would destroy “lesser” models.  This model can even be personalized to discourage thefts.  All in all, the Garmin GPS-8 offers a big value for a price that is as sensible as the device itself.  You may also want to read our Garmin Approach G5 review and see Garmins latest touch screen golf gps device.

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Garmin GolfLogix GPS Handheld Golf GPS Receiver + Batteries
Garmin GolfLogix GPS Handheld Golf GPS Receiver + Batteries

Sale Ends: 4d 12h 34m
US $42.49

Garmin GolfLogix 12 Channnel Handheld Golf GPS
Garmin GolfLogix 12 Channnel Handheld Golf GPS

Sale Ends: 29d 8h 47m
US $69.99