Golf Buddy Tour GPS

golf buddy tour gps

The Golf Buddy Tour GPS is just that, a handheld buddy that is as enthusiastic about improving your golf game as you are.  The Golf Buddy automatically shows you the distance to the green as well as the distance between you and any hazards that are in your way.  It comes preloaded with thousands of courses across the United States and, with a storage capacity of 20,000 courses, you have the option of loading many more.  Simply hook the device onto your belt and move from hole to hole with ease.     

The Golf Buddy Tour GPS comes with a wall adapter, a rechargeable battery and the option of using AAA batteries as an additional power source, so your game can last as long as you like.  It is lightweight and comes with a waterproof case, so you need not worry about the elements wreaking havoc with your new investment.  The big news with this unit is that the downloads for it are absolutely FREE.  There are no annual fees, website subscriptions or crazy marketing gimmicks to sift through.  Just plug in your device, upload the maps that you want and get ready to see a drastic improvement in your golf game. 

Like any good friend, the GolfBuddy Tour GPS is there to both give encouragement and suggest areas for improvement, and it does this by allowing you to measure how far you hit with each club using the Mark button.  The GolfBuddy even accounts for those tricky situations that you may find yourself in by letting you add 11 targets to each hole.  Need to plan out your next shot?  That’s what you buddy is here for.  And don’t worry about your buddy accidentally getting you into trouble on the course, as this device comes USGA and RNA compliant. 

Of course, the GolfBuddy Tour GPS has its faults, such as not being designed for repeated abuse, but reasonable care should be enough to ensure that you and your buddy stay friends for many years to come.  Considering that the GolfBuddy holds the information for up to 1000 games, it is clear that its makers want you to get as much out of this unit as possible.  The GolfBuddy is on the high end in terms of price, but its versatility and overall usefulness make it a good purchase for those who are truly ready to take their golf game to the next level.

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Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder
Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder

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Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder Brand New
Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder Brand New

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