iGolf Caddie II

igolf caddie ii

A GPS system will never sell unless it can offer pinpoint accuracy combined with an extraordinary ease of use.  The iGolf Caddie II is a definite seller.  The iGolf holds information for 40 golf courses and gives the user the freedom to add an astounding eight points of interest to each hole.  More than that, an annual fee of approximately $35 gives the golfer access to more than 33,000 golf courses across the globe. 

The screen has an LCD display that, while not color, is very clear and easy to read.  The unit is lightweight yet surprisingly durable, able to hold up against even the harshest weather.  In addition, the iGolf allows users to record data about their personal game, so that they can chart how far they are progressing. 

The iGolf Caddie II allows users to map out custom golf courses with ease, without the need for expensive software or additional hardware.  Once mapped, these custom golf courses can be saved to a computer so that, even if the unit malfunctions, you won’t have to go through the process of remapping the area.  Two AA batteries deliver a charge that can support the iGolf for up to 14 hours, giving the more experienced golfers plenty of time to work on their golf game.    

The iGolf Caddie II uses a very simple and straightforward design, which makes it perfect for the person who is an expert at golf, but not the computer.  One of the only drawbacks about this device is the fact that because it is so straightforward, the iGolf may not be able to satisfy every golfer’s needs.  Also, the lack of a color display might be a deal breaker to high-end customers, who may want something flashier.  Nevertheless, those who want something simple and easy to use will be drawn to the iGolf.  The price is slightly lower than the industry average, but not so much that it hints at reduced quality.     

The iGolf Caddie II is not ideal for everyone, but it’s a great buy for anyone.  It provides all the resources that customers will be expecting with none of the frills.  That simplicity can be a very good thing to people who don’t want something that seems fragile.  The device is sensibly priced and the small enough that it can be easily carried.  If your looking for an even smaller device read our review of the iGolf Neo gps device.  The average golfer will get plenty of use out of this unit and probably see a marked increase in their playing ability right away.

iGolf Caddie II for sale on eBay

iGolf GPS Caddie by L1 Technologies
iGolf GPS Caddie by L1 Technologies

Sale Ends: 7d 5h 50m
US $20.04

iGolf GPS Caddie v10 beta by iGolf Technologies prototype FREE SHIP
iGolf GPS Caddie v10 beta by iGolf Technologies prototype FREE SHIP

Sale Ends: 9d 7h
US $25.00

iGolf GPS Caddie IG 750
iGolf GPS Caddie IG 750

Sale Ends: 24d 4h 17m
US $29.99