iGolf Neo GPS

igolf neo gps unit

In a world where rangefinders can cost an arm and a leg, the iGolf Neo GPS Unit is a refreshing break from the norm.  While not full color, the Neo GPS has an adjustable backlight, so it can be used in virtually every light.  The Neo GPS updates your position automatically so, once you’ve started, you don’t have to go through a complex series of key pressing to keep going.  Like other rangefinders, this unit gives you the distance from the green, but does so with a device that is smaller than many cell phones.    

The iGolf Neo GPS Unit holds information for 10 golf courses and up to four points of interest for each hole.  A fully charged battery can hold a charge for up to 16 hours, so the user can stay on the green practically forever.  Despite its small size, the Neo GPS is water resistant and durable enough to be an asset as opposed to a delicate hindrance.  The device is so user friendly that the instruction manual is really for show more than necessity.  That ease of use is a huge plus for people who want to spend more time golfing than trying to figure out how to use their “helping” companion.   

No discussion of the iGolf Neo GPS Unit can be complete without discussing its price.  The unit retails for roughly $150, which is less than half the cost of most rangefinders.  For that price, users receive the accuracy and the usability of the more expensive systems as well as the ability to measure shots and record game statistics.  In order to download new courses online, you must pay an annual fee of roughly $30, but you have infinite license to use the courses once you have them.  They do not expire and can be stored right on your computer for quick access. 

The iGolf Neo GPS Unit is not as flashy as the more expensive GPS units, but it offers similar features at a price that even the most frugal golfer will be willing to pay.  The lack of a color screen is a downside to this unit.  To some, the screen may be less readable because the image is more basic than what they are accustomed to.  On the other hand, many people will take one look at that price and the included features and decide that this is the GPS unit for them.  On merit alone, the iGolf has more than enough to satisfy the needs of the average golfing enthusiast.

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