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onpar golf gps

The OnPar Golf GPS claims to be the best GPS unit available today.  With this device, that may be pretty close to the truth.  The OnPar unit uses a touch screen that allows users to instantly view the distance between themselves and the green.  This is true for almost all GPS units.  However, the OnPar system goes further, allowing golfers to view their distance from the green and the hazards as well as the hazards’ location relative to the green.  Golfers can drag targets or points of interest anywhere on the screen with little effort as the unit is designed to be as user friendly as its vibrant color screen suggests.

The OnPar Golf GPS unit is definitely among the higher priced of the GPS units, but it comes with free course downloads, which balances the scales quite well for golfers who want to get as much use out of this golfing companion as possible.  The unit itself holds information for 300 courses at a time, and there are literally thousands more available for download at any point.  What makes the OnPar unique is that it actually offers tips on which golf club to use.  The device measures your progress with each club and uses that data to find the choice that is best for you.  No other GPS device can make that claim. 

The OnPar Golf GPS supports a larger screen than most GPS units in its class and, as such, is easier to both read and navigate.  Despite that, the battery can hold a charge for up to 12 hours and the unit is no more fragile than most cell phones.  Add to that, the OnPar GPS comes with a protective cover and a power save feature to conserve battery life.  The main trouble spot for this device is that the course downloads only cover 4,000 courses across the United States.  Unfortunately, this relatively small number leaves out several thousand courses, so many people may be upset to discover that the OnPar downloads don’t offer their favorite places. 

The OnPar Golf GPS is tough and versatile, able to withstand both harsh weather and limited visibility.  Though it doesn’t yet offer worldwide course information, the first batch of these downloads should be available in late 2009.  For the most part, the OnPar does not come preloaded with course information.  However, those downloads are free and readily available.  All things considered, the OnPar is a very good deal.

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