SkyCaddie SGX

The SkyCaddie SGX device has a lot to prove for its high price which leads us to the review of this unit. In terms of looks, the SkyCaddie SGX does not really look like a $400 GPS device but it doesn't really have to.

The construction is still pretty sleek and the 3-inch transflective LCD display is unique in the sense that it can be clearly seen under direct sunlight. The display is not a touchscreen as there are some controls on the bottom, which is good because all of the information can be seen.

SkyCaddie SGX Highlights

The screen is more than just good construction and materials because it boasts a fairly high resolution and good color to display those maps. There are over 30,000 of these golf courses preloaded into the device so it basically works out of the box. You can see useful stats associated with each map such as the Basic Green information. When the IntelliGreen technology is used, even more statistics can be seen including back yardages and green depth at an eagle's view.

There is also IntelliGreen Pro which is designed for enthusiasts that need to see contours, false fronts and mounds, and other advanced visuals of the holes. All of these course maps are ground-verified which means that the map was carefully checked for accuracy to ensure the map data reflects the real thing. All these features put together add some weight to the SkyCaddie SGX.

The positioning on the maps is backed up by the TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology. It makes use of a high-performance GPS engine to quickly retrieve satellite data in order to stay accurate. It also has a high-performance GPS antenna which actually connects to other known satellites to counter the disadvantages in using on certain terrains. This is crucial for golf players that need positioning when under tough areas like tree foliage or mountain areas.

The SkyCaddie SGX will also cover some of the features that are not found in some other SkyCaddie units like the interactive HoleVue with Zoom. This is a rather unique feature that lets you conveniently know the distance between any point and the hole so you can play it with the fewest strokes possible. This feature comes complete with a high-precision graphics library of every hole in every course.

The SkyCaddie SGX is designed to work as you go along so useful data continues to display on the screen as you play like any known distances to hazards from your current position. It also displays layups and carries as you progress through the course too. When using different clubs, you can use the SkyCaddie SGX to measure any of your shots. The digital scorecard also does a good job in keeping track of your rounds. All you need to do is to enter your score and the digital storecard automatically updates.

Although optional, there is a nice membership plan if you want to get the latest map updates which are necessary if the course layout has changed. You also get more information about the course or connect with other fellow golfers that use the SkyCaddie SGX. The SkyCaddie SGX is pretty much on the positive site despite its heavy price. The one-handed operation is refreshing if you do not like the touchscreen and the many maps available mean that going from one course to the next shouldn't be an issue.

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SkyCaddie SGX with 6 mo Warranty Time for Christmas

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Sky Golf SkyCaddie SGX Handheld Golf GPS Range Finder

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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder With Cover and Case

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